Carl Martin Ampster: The Analog Direct Recording Solution for Guitar Player

carl martin ampster

The Carl Martin Ampster, a single tube driven amp/speaker simulator that can either supplement your amp, or replace it.

Is a full analog guitar tube preamp built in speaker simulation. It have 2 speaker simulations selectable: 2×12″ open back and 4×12″ closed back.

The Ampster have organic sound and response without latency and works great with distortion, overdrive e boost pedals.

The controls are: Master, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain, like a real guitar amp.

  • Direct recording tool at the and of the pedalchain.
  • A fully analog unit with 12AX7 tube.
  • Round clean sounds up to “British Overdrive” (at higher gain settings).
  • Serial FX loop for loop-in effects or to tap the amp signal without speaker

This valve-driven DI box from Carl Martin is the missing link for pedalboard users. It’s for recording and live applications.

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