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  • Best Studio Monitors for Beginners

    Best Studio Monitors for Beginners

    What are the Best Studio Monitors for Beginners? In this list you will find those that in my opinion are the best studio monitors for beginners. 1. PrEsonus Eris E5 This is my first option because they work well even if they are put close to the wall and we do not have a particular

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  • Best Audio Interfaces for Guitar

    Best Audio Interfaces for Guitar

    What are the best audio interfaces for guitar for your home recording? Here’s a list of the best audio interfaces to record your guitar. 1. Audient id14 MKii The Audient iD14 MKII is the option I suggest you, in addition to the great value for money preamps are super quiet.   2. SSL 2+ Like

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  • Best DAW for Linux

    Best DAW for Linux

    What is the best DAW for Linux? Fortunately, professional audio software for Linux has increased over the years. Not only the software has increased but also the quality. Now with Linux we can produce professional music productions that have nothing to envy with Windows and Mac users. But what is the best daw for Linux?

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