Best Audio Interfaces for Guitar

best audio interface for guitar

What are the best audio interfaces for guitar for your home recording?

Here’s a list of the best audio interfaces to record your guitar.

1. Audient id14 MKii

The Audient iD14 MKII is the option I suggest you, in addition to the great value for money preamps are super quiet.


2. SSL 2+

Like the Audient iD14 MKII, this is a great audio interface that has very quiet preamps. I plug-in della Solid State Logic are excellent.

The board is self-installing and has no software to run it to go and enable buttons. It’s all done on the hardware side, and that’s great for us linux users.

3. Focusrite Scarlett 212 3rd Gen

This Focusrite is a very nice audio interface with a very good value for money. Additional plug-ins are a plus and it has a very low latency.


4. Universal Audio Volt 276

A great audio interface, the design is very nice and the sound is very nice and rich.


6. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo Heritage

This is a great audio interface and the added value is the Universal Audio plugins that sound really good.

7. RME Fireface UCX II

This is the option for those who want the best without compromise. The solidity of the drivers is insane and also have Linux support.



Here is the list of the best audio interfaces for guitar, excellent for home recording.

These in my opinion are the best audio interfaces to record the guitar in our home study

Have you tried one of these audio interface with your guitar? In your opinion, what is the best audio interface for guitar?

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