Ethos Clean II: The Best Clean Pedal?

ethos clean ii

Today we talk about what is for me the best clean pedal: The Ethos Clean II Preamp by Custom Tones

It allows us to record directly into our sound card or put in front of an amplifier like tone shape. It’s an incredibly versatile pedal!

“…The tonal palette is unreal and every knob and switch tweak has beautifully precise impact.” Christopher Wirth​

The pedal can operate over the range of 9-18VDC providing more headroom if desired.

The DRIVE switch now offers a hard drive option in addition to the soft drive. The new hard drive feature provides a higher gain dynamic drive capability.

Ethos Clean II is the upgrade of the Ethos Clean, which as you can hear below, was also a very good pedal


The Ethos Clean II Preamp is one of the best clean preamp pedal for home recording.

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