Best DAW for Linux

best DAW for Linux

What is the best DAW for Linux?

Fortunately, professional audio software for Linux has increased over the years. Not only the software has increased but also the quality.

Now with Linux we can produce professional music productions that have nothing to envy with Windows and Mac users.

But what is the best daw for Linux?

In this article I will not mention all of them, I will tell you which in my opinion are the best in the professional field.

1. Reaper

Reaper for me is the best option. You can download it below for a free, fully functional 60-day evaluation. No registration or personal details are required.

Reaper is also available for Arch Linux in the Arch Linux User Repository.

2. Ardour

Ardour is undoubtedly one of the best DAWs for Linux and also one of the most appreciated.

3. Bitwig Studio

If you like to use Ableton, Bitwig Studio is the best alternative for Linux.

5. Waveform Pro

Waveform Pro is an excellent DAW and you can try it free for 90 days. It is improving version after version and could become one of the best daw for Linux.

4. Tracktion Waveform Free

Traction Waform Free is the free version of Waveform Pro.


I will conclude this list with a free alternative even if it is very limited. Despite everything, with LMMS is possible to create great beats.


Linux has an increasingly good selection of music production software.

The progress we’ve made over the past few years is amazing and I’m sure it will continue to amaze us again.

Have you tried them out? What do you think is the best daw for linux?

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